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Paranormal Investigators of the Carolinas
Southside State Park 2

Southside State Park, Second visit

Date:  30 November, 2002
Investigators on site:
Andrew Foster-Head Investigator
Lucas Fleming-Investigator
Joey Bradley-Investigator
This second trip turned out some interesting evidence.
The fallen over tree was reached quicker than the first time, and pictures were taken (neglected on the first trip).  Following Lucas' lead, being the only investigator to have been there during the day, the team went off the trail a little ways to get around the tree, and quickly returned to the path.  A few yards later, Joey shined his flashlight off to the right of the trail, and noticed an old metal chair a dozen yards away.  Finding this odd, Andrew shone his beam to the chair, and followed the direction the chair was facing (parrallel to the path), and discovered the graveyard. 
The cemetery was tiny, only containing seven or eight headstones.  Many pictures were taken of the graves and surrounding area.  Most of the stones were unreadable, so dates could not accurately be determined.  After finishing at the graveyard, the team hurried to the chair out of pure fascination.
The chair looked as if it had been there for hundreds of years.  It was rusted from top to bottom, and was placed in a very odd location, facing the cemetery.  A small tree that would have obstructed the view of the cemetery had been cut with what looked to be a chainsaw-type cut.  Finding this a little perplexing, espicially in the dead of night, the team took several photographs of the chair, and a few of the surrounding area, focusing on the cut tree, and decided to leave.
On the way out, just after rounding the fallen over tree blocking the path, the intense danger was felt again, this time much stronger than before, and it was decided to high-tail it.  Pictures were taken on the way out of the forest, but only occasionally.  The team felt the need to leave increase as the minutes wore on, and it was decided that enough evidence had been collected.
However, once again, no film produced any pictures.  There was nothing on the film at all.  This led the team to believe that there is, indeed, something going on in the forest at Southside State Park.  A full investigation is being planned right now in the near future (mid december to early january), and all equipment, including a video camera, will be brought to assertain exactly what is going on.  Any information can be acquired by emailing the Head Investigator, Andrew Foster, and anyone interested in joining in the investigation is welcome.