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Paranormal Investigators of the Carolinas
Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Bruce Willis listens intently as the young boy on the cassette tape he is reviewing whimpers in his loneliness. Suddenly, the boy becomes audibly scared, shaking and chattering his teeth. Willis can sense something is wrong, so he rewinds the tape, turning the volume all the way up. The hair on the back of his neck rises as another voice, speaking in spanish, is heard no louder than a whisper, and Willis finally understands! The young boy on the tape was scared his entire life, up until the point he commited suicide. Just as Willis started to believe that the young man he was currently attempting to help had the same problem a terrifying thought echoed in his mind...

...he had just heard a ghost talk...

This is an example of an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Sometimes during paranormal investigations if an audio cassette is recording in the background an EVP is recorded. How is it recorded? Well, there are several theories about that.

One such theory is that the recorder is simply doing its job. It is recording what is being emmitted in its direction, in the case of an EVP, a ghost speaking so low that nobody can hear it.

Another belief is that since spirits obviously have some connection to electro-magnetic energies, then it is possible that the spirit isn't necessarily "talking", but is instead literally manipulating the magnetic chemicals on the audio tape and "forcing" it to sound the way it wants too.

What is white noise? White noise is any constant background noise. A running faucet, leaves rustling in a steady breeze, static from a radio, any of these constitutes white noise. Some investigators claim that if you run water from your faucet and then ask questions into a recorder any spirits in your house can talk to you by "manipulating" this white noise. Paranormal Investigators of the Carolinas thinks this is ludicrous. If you listen to water running long enough you can make out words by yourself without even asking any questions! If anything, the EPA might try to get you arrested for wasting water, although it might be more fitting to have the FBI arrest you for stupidity.