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Paranormal Investigators of the Carolinas
Unexplainabe Mist in Photographs


Mists sometimes appear in pictures when they are least expected.  You take a picture on a crystal clear night, and the picture comes back with Los Angelos style smog.  "Where did the mist come from?"  You ask.  "It wasn't there when I took it!"  But it was-you just couldn't see it.
There are only a few theories regarding mists.  The two most prevelant include that mists are simply another form of manifestation or they are a biproduct of spirits in general.
The idea that mists are simply another form that spirits can take is the most common theory among paranormal investigators today.  Manifesting in the form of a mist, while being slightly more difficult than orb manifestation, which accounts for their greater size and less frequency, still requires little energy and is fairly easy to move around in. 
The less commonly accepted idea is that the mists are not truly spirits at all, they are only a biproduct of spiritual activity.  When many spirits are present, a mist of spiritual energy takes shape and permeates the area.  This theory explains why mists are almost exclusively found in cemeteries.  They can be found in houses, but they are fairly rare.  However, almost any cemetery is bound to have at least one mist, if not be completely covered in it (as Bethlehem Baptist was the first night that this investigation team was there). 
Whichever theory is true, finding a mist in your photographs is a clear sign that you had a spiritual visitor.