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Jersey Devil
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The Jersey Devil

The PIC Cryptozoology Dept.

The Jersey Devil is perhaps one of the most well-known stories ever told. Some believe he exists and some think it is just a fable told to scare children. There are many different elements to the story. It all depends on who is telling it. Some say the Devil is over 6 feet tall and some say it's 3 1/2.

The Story

In the early to mid 1700s, Jane and Daniel Leeds lived in a very little house with their 12 children. During this time period, it was hard enough for one person to make ends meet, let alone provide for a wife and 12 children. As her pregnancy reached its final stages, Jane Leeds cried out "I WISH THIS CHILD WERE BORN A DEVIL!" Short after, Jane leads gave birth to a baby boy. The birth that appeared normal quickly changed into a horrifying sight. Before her very eyes, the newborn grew a serpent's tail and horns on his head. His face turned into a head of a horse and his eyes turned a blood red color. Minutes later, he grew wings like a bat and his body was covered with fur. Filled with rage, he took his razor sharp nails and slit the throat of the midwife that delivered him. Leaping out of his mother's arms, he flew out of the house through the chimney and was never seen by his family again.

The Facts

"Born" in what is now called Atlantic Country somewhere between 1735 and 1857

Napoleon Bonaparte's son Joseph saw the Devil in early to mid 1800s

The largest stretch of sightings occurred in January of 1909, when thousands of people saw the Devil spreading over more then 30 towns in the Delaware Valley.

Reported Sightings

Before 1800 there were several hundred sightings. These are the most recent sightings.

In 1991, two hunters that were wandering in Whiting saw a mysterious creature cross the road. In 1993, an older woman living in Winslow Township had the devil visit her every fall.

In 1994, a young couple in Jackson started to hear screeching sounds from their back yard. When the went to investigate, the creature circled them several times and flew away.

In 1995, truckers saw a strange looking creature hopping along the roadside of Route 287.

In 1997, a man hiking the Batona Trail in Pine Barrons was chased out of the woods by a 3.5 foot creature.

In 1999, there were a total of three sightings. One teenage saw it in a tree around dusk time, someone saw it at Bamber Lake, and it was heard screeching in Jacksonville

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The artist impression on the left does look a little silly, but when compared to the spirit photo to the right the drawing suddenly doesn't look so unrealistic. The spirit photo is authentic, and the comparison is amazing.

Here is a map of all reported sightings of the devil. Hunters can use this to coordinate hunts, should they so desire to seek out this elusive creature.


The above pictures are courtesy of The Shadowlands