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The PIC Cryptozoology Dept.
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3000 years ago, Man had not discovered horses. 1000 years ago, Man did not believe in the Kangaroo or the Ostorich, and 200 years ago mankind did not believe the report of gorillas in the mountains of Africa. All of these are examples of Cryptozoology.

Cryptozoology literally means "hidden animal discourse" in latin. In other words, Cryptozoology is the search for creatures that are believed to exist through mythology, strange pictures that cannot be explained, and first person accounts. The most famous are the Loch ness monster and Bigfoot, but they are only two examples of a large field of creatures, some of which are finally being accepted by the scientific community. As Paranormal Investigators, we not only investigate spiritual occurances, but all paranormal instances, and Crypto Zoology easily fits into that category.

If you have any personal accounts of the creatures listed in this informational site, please email them to us! We hope you find this department to be information and useful.