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The PIC Cryptozoology Dept.

The place is Point Pleasant, West Virginia and the time is mid-late 1960s. The war is over and Batman is the new crime fighter on the scene. Point Pleasant was your typical town. It had nice people who lived honest lives. But then it all went down hill. Strange occurrences were taking place and animals were disappearing. Between 1967 and 1968, there have been reports of a creature which is bigger then a man and able to take flight. The creature was named Moth Man.

Moth Man was said to be around 7 feet tall, gray, and have a wingspan of roughly 9 feet. There have been over 14 separate sightings reported to the police. Each time the creature vanished before the eyes of local authorities before they were able to make it to the scene. This creature has been considered extremely dangerous for it has torn open gates to facilities, and is believe to be responsible for the deaths and moralizations of local farm animals, including dogs.

This was the most famous account of the Mothman, but they have been reported throughout history. People have reported seeing a "man shaped as a moth" for centuries, and there are even cave paintings depicting men with wings shaped like a moth. What these creatures are may never be known, or even explainable, but one thing is for sure. They exist. Here are some basic characterstics of the Mothman.

Screeching - Many have reported that they have heard a loud screeching sound before seeing the creature. It is said to sound like a woman screaming hysterically.

Height - The height has differed from report to report. However, it is most commonly reported that the creature stands between 7-10 feet tall.

Wingspan - Again, the wingspan has differed from report to report. However, average wingspan is 5-10 feet.

Color - The creature has been reported more then 10 separate times as being a deep gray color.

Eyes - In every report the creature is said to have deep, red, hypnotic eyes.

Flight - Moth Man is said to be able to leap into the air like a helicopter. It is also said to be able to fly at 100 feet off the deck and up to 100 MPH!

Most Recent Sightings

Early 1960s: A woman and her father were driving along Route 2 near the Ohio River when she was closing near the Chief Cornstalk Hunting Grounds and saw a man-shaped figure walking on the side of the road. When the woman slowed her car down, the creature spread its wings and took off. This sighting was not reported immediately because the woman and father did not think anyone would believe the story.

1965: A young boy told his mother, who lived near the Ohio River, that he saw an "angel" outside. This sighting was the first ever reporting of the mysterious creature.

Summer 1966: In the same general area of the 1965 sighting, a Doctor's wife saw a "giant butterfly" that stood around 6 feet tall.

November 12, 1966: Five gravediggers saw a "brown human being" storm out of the trees near Clendenin. One of the diggers, Kenneth Duncan, saw it for almost 1 full minute.

November 14, 1966: Salem resident Newell Partridge was watching TV at around 10:30 PM when the TV blacked out and a loud noise emanated from it. Partridge stated it "sounded like a generator winding up". His German Shepherd, Bandit, ran outside. The next morning, Newell went outside to investigate. He saw a set of dog tracks going around in giant circle, but no sign of his companion. Partridge never saw his dog again.

November 15, 1966: Two couples, Mr./Mrs. Roger Scarberry & Mr./Mrs. Steve Mallette, drove past the local teen hangout called the "TNT". At about 11:30 PM, they past an old generator plant where they noticed that the doors were ripped off the hinges. Seconds later, the couples saw a strange looking creature. They described the creature as being 7 feet tall and having wings folded against its back. They drove away as fast as they could when the creature took flight and chased after them. After exceeding speeds of 100 MPH, they reached the Point Pleasant city limits. The creature vanished before crossing the border. After reporting the sighting to the police, Deputy Millard Hallstead headed to the spot where the creature took off. He did not find the Moth Man, but his police radio stopped working.

November 16, 1966: At 9:00 PM, Mr./Mrs. Raymond Wamsley, Marcelle Bennett, and Bennett's daughter Tina, visited their friend Ralph Thomas. As they approached the TNT area, they saw two red lights in the middle of the road. The creature was apparently sleeping. But as the car drew closer, the creature rose to its feet slowly. Quoted from one of the members of the group: "It seemed to be laying down. It rose up from the ground. A big gray thing. Bigger than a man with glowing red eyes." The creature followed the group to the Thomas house where it walked onto the porch and looked into the window. By the time the police arrived, the creature was nowhere to be seen.

November 18, 1966: Two firemen, Paul Yoder and Ben Enoches, saw the Moth Man in the TNT area.

November 21, 1966: Tom Ury was driving along Route 62, in the TNT area, when he saw a large gray figure standing in the field. It spread its two large wings and flew straight up like a helicopter. It followed Ury's car for a little while, flying as high as "three telephone poles" or 60-70 feet.

November 27, 1966: Connie Carpenter saw a grayish figure standing on a golf course. On that same day, the creature was spotted in a junkyard.

December 4, 1966: Five pilots at the Gallipolis, Ohio airport saw a giant bird fly at a speed of 70 MPH. There were no wing movements however they said it did have a long neck (which was the first mention of a neck in a reporting).

January 11, 1967: Mable McDaniel, who happens to be Linda Scarberry from the November 15th sighting, saw a creature which "first looked like an airplane but then I realized it was flying much too low." It was said to be brown and have a 10 foot wingspan.

April 1969: The last reporting of the Moth Man was from Ernest Adkins, who saw an 11 month old beagle laying dead on his lawn. Its chest was torn apart and the heart was laying there on the ground. Moth Man was blamed.

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For more information on the Mothman phenomenon, rent "The Mothman Phophecies" from your local video store. It is an excellent movie; you will not be dissapointed.

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